Beenergy solar storage from the future

Beenergy is a Hungarian-developed solar storage for home or business use, using the most advanced technology available today.

Benefits of Beenergy


You can rely on Beenergy batteries in unexpected situations such as power outages or surges

Stay always up-to-date thanks to the informative digital display and advanced data connectivity solutions

Together with the Beenergy Smart Box, Beenergy solar battery optimises the energy consumption of your home or business, reaching further reducement in your costs

Safety in every situation.

Power cables with increased performance
Safer power transmission and better heat dissipation thanks to the cables with increased performance.
BMS and surge protection for unexpected situations
In situations as overcharging or unexpected temperature rises functions as BMS (Battery Management System) and surge protection are vital.
Flame-retardant LiFePO4 technology
From a flame-retardant perspective, LiFePO4 battery technology is a safe alternative.

Easy to use, intuitive.

LCD display for real-time data communication
Real-time data communication thanks to the LCD display, helping users to quickly and easily view and interpret information.
Software in Hungarian
User-friendly Hungarian language software that offers a wide range of features and an intuitive user experience.
Internet, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and direct PC connection
With the Beenergy Smart Box, the Beenergy solar storage offers multiple data connectivity options, including Internet, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and direct PC data connection, providing flexible and versatile communication.

Clever solution

*Beenergy Smart Box with Beenergy solar storage for additional cost-saving and further convenience features.

Support for Zigbee, Matter, Z-Wave and other wireless technologies
Supports Zigbee, Matter, Z-Wave and other wireless technologies, enabling broad compatibility and connectivity with home or enterprise smart systems.*
Dashboard for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems
Easy access and management across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms. *
AI capability with ChatGPT integration
Enjoy additional AI capabilities for additional smart features by ChatGPT integration.*
Compatible with most smart systems
It is compatible with most smart systems, ensuring extensive data connectivity and integration.*

Compatible inverters

Beenergy energy storage is compatible with Deye and SMA inverters at 48V.

The team player

Deye can also operate in aggregator mode with inverter.

Sunny Island

Lightweight and universal solution for battery-systems.


Plan with the Beenergy solar storage, available from stock

Who do we recommend it to?

For residential solar energy storage

  • To achieve total energy independence

  • Beenergy batteries can store up to the amount of energy that does not need to be drawn from the grid in good weather conditions

  • With an ideal inverter pairing, switching between grid or energy storage is done imperceptibly in as little as 20ms, so the system can be used as an continuous power supply.

  • It is also compatible with smart home systems.

Corporate solar energy storage

  • For small and medium-sized enterprises and companies with significant electricity needs

  • For solar energy storage during off-peak periods, weekend charging, consumption during working days

  • To ensure a continuous supply of electricity. Beenergy solar energy storage with the addition of an aggregator can ensure independent power supply in the system and smooth workflows.

  • Make your solar system more predictable, so you can reduce the exposure to the weather.

What is the solar energy storage good for?

Sunlight is used by the solar panel to generate energy, the inverter converts it into AC power, and the unused energy is stored in the solar energy storage.

Flexible energy use
The solar energy storage allows solar energy to be used even when there is not enough sunlight or at night.
Helps households and businesses achieve energy independence, reducing energy costs.

Support and request for proposal

We offer nationwide support in Hungarian for software and hardware problems.
Download documentations for the Beenergy solar energy storage.
Request for proposal
Contact us, request for proposal and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours on working days.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade my existing solar system with Beenergy energy storage?

Yes, of course. However, this may require the use of an additional inverter if the system is not running from a hybrid inverter.

Is Beenergy a solution to bridge power outages?

Yes, but this also depends on the capabilities of the inverter.

Why is Beenergy better than other solutions?

Demand for solar energy storage is growing year on year and manufacturers are seeing opportunities in the European market. At the same time, however, the quality of the batteries that form the backbone of the system is different. A well-designed renewable energy system is a long-term investment, so all its components must guarantee the best possible quality. When developing Beenergy, it was a priority to ensure that it was safe, user-friendly and cost-effective. Qualities to which we confidently give our name.

Can I register Beenergy as a solar energy storage in Napenergia Plusz Program?

Yes, you can find the Beenergy product registration guide in the Napenergia Plusz Program under "Downloads".

As a residential user, can I choose a Beenergy solar energy storage in the Napenergia Plusz Program?

You can only choose a Beenergy solar energy storage in the programme if the product is available from one of the selected contractors.

The exclusive distributor of Beenergy is CHS Hungary Kft.

CHS Hungary Kft. has been the largest distributor of the Hungarian IT market for almost 30 years. One of its business units is CHS Energetika, one of the best-known wholesalers of solar panels, inverters, energy storage systems and other equipment essential for the construction of renewable energy systems in Hungary.


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